The Santos Mahogany is a very tall tree which can grow to 100 feet in height, with a wide trunk of up to 3 feet in width.  Santos Mahogany is a tree native to the Central and South American regions. Thanks to its great strength and durability, Santos Mahogany is one of the most popular and reliable lumbers within the hardwood flooring industry.

Botanical Name: Myroxylon, balsamum

Country of Origin: The Santos Mahogany species grows predominantly within the Tropical rain forests of Central and South America and can be found in countries such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala.

Species and Names: Some other names for the Santos Mahogany species include Cabreuva Vermelha, Red Incensio, Quina Quina, Estoraque, Balsamo, Nava and Bálsamo del Perú.

Look and Color: The sapwood of the Santos Mahogany is light brown, while the heartwood of the Santos mahogany hardwood is dark reddish-brown which varies to a dark purple-brown color tone. As time goes by, the Santos mahogany tone becomes darker and holds a somewhat purplish-brown color. Color Variation in the Santos Mahogany Hardwood Floors is moderate and extremely beautiful.

Grain Texture: The texture of the Santos Mahogany species is usually very fine and even. The Santos Mahogany Hardwood has a very nice looking interlocked grain pattern, which usually comes with stripped figuring.

Hardness and Strength: The Santos Mahogany is a very hard, durable and strong hardwood. The Janka Hardness Test score of the Santos mahogany is 2200 which is 71% percent harder than the bench mark Red Oak species. The Santos Mahogany Hardwood Floors are also very stable in regards to moisture – 28% percent more stable than the standard Red Oak hardwood species when measured on the Dimensional Stability Test.

Uses in the Wood Industry: The Santos Mahogany is a very strong, stable and dense hardwood species. It’s possible to find Santos hardwood being used in a wide variety of places where strong, durable wood is needed. Currently there is Santos Mahogany furniture, Veneer and of course Santos Mahogany Hardwood Floors.