The Red Oak Tree, also known as "The Champion Oak", is the most common tree in North America. The Red Oak name derives from the Latin word Quercus, which stands for “a fine tree”. In forests, the Red Oak tree can grow up to 140 feet high, with an average trunk diameter of 3 feet and a maximum diameter of 6 feet. The Red Oak wood is a well known species within the Hardwood industry and is one of the leaders within its class. The Red Oak is also recognized as the official state tree of New Jersey and Iowa.   

Botanical Name: Quercus spp. (Red Oak Wood Family).

Country of Origin: Northeastern areas of the United States and the southeast areas of Canada.

Species and Names: Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is the most common name for this Hardwood, but there are many species with a variety of names. There are more than 200 Red Oak species only in the United States!

red-oakLook and Color: The Northern Red Oak wood has a very warm, comforting color. The red oak sapwood has a light reddish color and is very similar to the White Oak Hardwood, but with a greater hint of pink within the red color. The heartwood of red oak is slightly darker, but still has the light red color of the red oak wood. The Red Oak Wood species also has a great amount of color variation within its pattern, giving a versatile look to your home, office or working environment.

Grain Texture: The Red Oak Wood has more open, coarser grain texture than its White Oak counterpart. Red Oak Wood has a very porous surface, which may even seem like tiny holes when looking at it unfinished. The Northern Red Oak wood appearance is more similar to that of the White Oak Hardwood, with a slightly less pronounced figure.

Hardness and Strength: The Northern Red Oak is the Hardwood standard on the Janka Durability Test. Every other species is compared based on the Northern Red Oak score of 1290. On the Dimensional Stability Test the Northern Red Oak species received an average score of 8.6.

Uses in the Wood Industry: The Red Oak Wood is present in almost every area of the Hardwood Industry. It is one of the most important, if not the most important tree within the timber production Industry in North America. Red Oak Hardwood is the largest hardwood flooring industry within the United States occupying 36.6% of the entire Hardwood market. Besides Red Oak Hardwood Flooring, it’s possible to find Red Oak furniture, cabinets and even railroads.