Hickory Pecan tree is a very large species which can reach the height of 140’ with a very strong and wide trunk. The Hickory Pecan is well known for its delicious pecan nuts, used in snacks and desserts across the entire globe. The Hickory Pecan nut is so strong and durable that it can easily crack through certain stones. An interesting fact about the Hickory Pecan Tree is that it is considered to be one the first Hardwood Species in America. In total there are about 19 species of Hickory Pecan trees, 12 of which are found in America. The Hickory Pecan Tree is native to the North and Central American regions and is also recognized as the official state tree of Texas.

Botanical Name: Carya illinoinensis

Country of Origin:  The Hickory Pecan species is found predominantly in the South-Eastern area of North America, in states such as Georgia, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Outside the United States, the Hickory Pecan can be found in places such as: Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

Species and Names: Beaked Hickory (Annamocarya sinensis), Southern Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata var. australis).

Look and Color: The Hickory Pecan has a beautiful variation in colors within its pattern and design. While the heartwood of the hickory pecan hardwood has a brownish red color with some dark stripes present within the pattern. The Hickory Pecan sapwood has a creamy white color with fine brown/pink stripes within the pattern.

Grain Texture: The Hickory Pecan Hardwood has occasional wavy, irregular areas within the texture. At times, it might even look like a rough-textured grain.

Hardness and Strength: The Hickory Pecan is a very dense wood. The Pecan Tree is considered to be a very strong and hard hardwood, which makes it sometimes slightly difficult to work with when nailing and sanding. The hardness score of the hickory pecan wood is well above the average with a score of 1820 points, 41% percent harder than the popular Red Oak species on the Janka Hardness Test. With a score of 8.9 on the Dimensional Stability test, the hickory pecan is only 3% less stable to moisture than the Red Oak standard.

Uses in the Wood Industry: The Hickory Pecan is the most important nut tree within the United States. The Hickory Pecan sawdust is often used to smoke meat for the delicious flavor and taste it adds to food. The Hickory Pecan is a very useful tree in the hardwood industry and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Thanks to its strong and flexible character, it’s possible to find Hickory Pecan tool handles, wheel spokes, carts, drumsticks, golf club shafts and even baseball bats. The Hickory Pecan is also a very popular hardwood within the Hardwood Flooring Industry, occupying about 2.2% of the entire Market.