Brazilian Teak, also known as Cumaru, is one of the top choices in the Hardwood industry. Brazilian Teak, known for its exceptional hardness and durability, is a beautiful exotic hardwood species that is a great choice in both residential and commercial environments. Typically users who prefer a dark brown look to their floor over a more vibrant Brazilian Cherry style go with Brazilian Teak. The Brazilian Teak species is a large tree which can reach a height of up to 120’ feet tall and a trunk that can reach up to 5’ feet wide. The Cumaru is a tree native to the tropical rainforest of South America, but also resides in other areas within Central America. The fruits that grow on the Cumaru trees are well known for their sweet aromatic fragrance, which is used often in the cosmetic and beauty industry for perfumes and in the pharmaceutical industry for medicines.Botanical Name: Dipteryx odorata,Tonka Bean

Country of Origin: The Cumaru Tree grows predominantly in South America. Countries like Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica are rich with this Brazilian Teak, found predominantly in the Brazilian Amazon Forrest.

Species and Names: There are a lot of common names to this specific Cumaru tree species. Some of these names are: Cumaru, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Chestnut and Tonka tree.

Look and Color: The Cumaru Hardwood species has a very unique color and design. When the Brazilian Teak Hardwood is freshly cut, its color tint varies from a dark reddish-brown color to a purple-brownish shade, with sometimes light yellowish-brown strips. As time and years go by, with more exposure to light, climate and traffic, the Brazilian Teak obtains a more uniform color and varies from a light brown to yellowish-brown tint.

Grain Texture: The Cumaru Hardwood species has a very fine texture and a distinct interlocked grain. When touching the Cumaru species it might feel like a waxy or oily surface. This is all because of this unique grain texture. The Brazilian Teak Hardwood is so dense that it will sink when placed in water.

Hardness and Strength: The Cumaru Hardwood is one of the strongest and hardest hardwood species in the world. It is 174% percent harder than the famous northern Red Oak, with a score of 3540 on the Janka Hardwood Durability Test. It also has an average dimensional stability to moisture with a score of 7.6 points, which is 12% percent more stable than the average Red Oak species. On the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian Teak ranks 3540 vs. the 1290 of Red Oak. Uses in the Wood Industry: Besides the big variety of uses in perfumes, soaps and shampoos, the Brazilian Teak Hardwood has a lot of other uses. Thanks to its great durability, the Brazilian Teak Hardwood is being used all over the hardwood industry. It’s possible to find bridges made of Cumaru, ships made of Cumaru hardwood, heavy construction, heavy carpentry and of course Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring.