The Birch Tree is recognized as the official National Tree of Russia, where it is worshipped as a goddess annually at the Green Week Festival. The Yellow Birch is one Birch Species that is native to the North Eastern region of America, in places such as the Québec Province in Canada and the states of Minnesota and Georgia in the East coast of the United States. It can reach up to 80 feet in height and can reach a width of up to 30 feet. The Birch trunk size can grow up to 4 feet in diameter. The Birch Tree life longevity is usually around 150 years, but it can reach up to 300 years in age in certain cases! Birch Species

Botanical Name: Betula spp.

Country of Origin: Russia and certain areas of North America.

Species and Names: Yellow Birch (betula alleghaniensis), Sweet Birch (betula lenta) and Paper Birch (betula papyrifera)

Look and Color: The sapwood look of the yellow Birch species may look slightly like that of the Maple color tree species. It has a very light color, which varies from a creamy yellow to an ashen white. The heartwood of the Birch is a bit more reddish in color, with a brown tinged and a light red color. The Sweet Birch has a darker brownish color within its heartwood, while the wood itself has a light color similar to that of the yellow Birch species. The yellow Birch is the most used Birch species within the Hardwood Flooring Industry and contains a great variation in its grain and color pattern. This is what makes it so unique and desired by a wide variety of homeowners and installers.

Grain Texture: Most Birch trees come with an even, straight texture. On the other hand, some Birch boards may posses a curly grain texture and wavy figuring. These two qualities simply show the great versatility this species has when it comes to Grain texture and pattern.

Hardness and Strength: The Yellow Birch received a score of 1260 on the Janka Hardness Rating, which is slightly softer (by 2% percent) than the industry standard species, Red Oak. On the Dimensional Stability Test, the Birch Wood received an average score of 9.5, which is about 10% less than the Industry Standard Red Oak species.

Uses in the Wood Industry: Birch is known to be a very heavy, strong and durable wood species. The Birch wood has a lot of uses within the wood industry and it can be seen as birch wood cabinets, wood furniture and of course Birch Hardwood Floors. Birch Wood is also used to make toothpicks.