The Cherry Tree has a very good lifespan, with an average age of 150-200 years. The oldest cherry tree ever studied was 258 years in age. The cherry tree is also a very tall tree, with a height that can reach up to 80 feet and a trunk size of 2-3 feet in width. It’s a tree native to the North Eastern American region and can also be found in certain areas of Central America. The Cherry Tree is known for its stunning red color pattern and high-end market value.

Botanical Name: Prunus serotina.

Country of Origin: The Cherry Tree grows predominantly in the north eastern parts of America, from Québec to Ontario in Canada, all the way down to Florida in the United States. In Central America, places such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and the Mexican-Guatemalan mountains posses the American Cherry species.Species and Names: There is a large variety of Cherry Tree species and names. Some other names used to describe the Cherry Tree are the American Cherry Tree, the Black Cherry Tree and the Rum Cherry Tree.

Look and Color: The Cherry Tree is known for the pink tone within its red color pattern. The heartwood of the Cherry Tree varies from a deep, rich red color to light reddish brown tone. The American cherry sapwood has a lighter tint, a somewhat pale brown color with a hint of pink. Some manufacturers steam the cherry hardwood in order to bleed the darker red color into the light sapwood. This results in a gorgeous uniform color that is pleasing to the eye. The Cherry Tree Hardwood look gets darker and richer as time goes by.

Grain Texture: Cherry Hardwood has a very clear satiny, glowing texture. American Cherry has a very fine, wavy, uniform grain. American Cherry has a very versatile pattern variation between its Hardwood planks.

Hardness and Strength: The American Cherry is a beautiful species of tree although it has been known to be extremely soft as a Hardwood. The American Cherry gets only 950 points on the Janka Hardness Test, which is 26% percent softer than the Red Oak standard. However, on the Dimensional Stability Test the American Cherry species reached an above average score of 7.1 points, 17% percent more stable than the Red Oak species.

Uses in the Wood Industry: The American Cherry Tree is an extremely valuable lumber. American Cherry is the most used lumber species for cabinets and furniture in the United States Hardwood Flooring Industry. It is possible to find Cherry wood doors, furniture, moldings, instruments and much, much more. The American Cherry Flooring Industry occupies about 3.9% percent of the entire U.S. Hardwood industry.