You may be thinking that it is finally time to install hardwood floors in one of your properties, or for one of your clients. Because there are many different steps to take while pertaining this project, there are certain ways you must prepare yourself and your team for each step. In this post, Academy Floor, a flooring supplies company, will give you some tips and tricks on staying safe during the process.

Tips Before Starting

The first tip our team always suggests is to get enough material to cover and furniture or items in a property that will be moved out of the way. Because the process can tend to get a bit messy, you want to make sure that nothing is in your way and bothering your team from getting the job done. Even if far away, covering anything in plain eye sight will always be a good idea-- better safe than sorry!

Next, using the right safety items will be beneficial to you and your team to keep you out of harm's way. For example, wearing safety gloves can prevent you from getting rough splinters, dangerous nails from cutting through your hands, touching toxic substances, and more. Aside from gloves, we suggest leather knee pads for yourself and your employees. This protects your knees from getting hurt while on the floor installing the product. They have tons of support to protect you from any damage while on the job. You can shop these knee pads on our site here:

You can rely on Academy Floor’s top quality products for an efficient project. We use big name brands such as Crain, Nottingham, Powernail, Stanley, and tons more. We always try to offer the most affordable prices for our clients! Shop our selection of items including different style floors such as Laminate & Hardwood!