Laminate floors having become increasingly popular among many residential and commercial properties. This is because of it’s unique look and feel. With many different styles to choose from, Academy Floor has it all. Whether you are going for the Laminate Classic Collection, silk, cotton, or designer collection, maintaining these floors are all the same. In this post, our team will share with you how to keep them looking new and fresh at all times.


The Maintenance Process


The first thing to keep in mind with laminate floors is that they are less susceptible to water. Basically, if you have a water spill, the first thing to do is to clean it up as quickly as possible. This is done in order to avoid water seeping through your floor’s cracks and absorbing moisture. A simple wipe with your kitchen paper towels should absorb all of the water and remove it from the floor. This goes the same for any type of liquid that spills. If you have laminate floors and have pets at home, then it may be a good idea to cover the area with your pet’s food and water bowls. Pets can get messy when they are excited and drink from their bowls, and can cause splashes of water on the ground. Putting under their bowls a place mat will be a great way to cause less spills.


The best way to have your laminate floors remain squeaky clean and shiny is by going over it lightly with a damp mop. You want to make sure that your mop is not completely wet, because too much water can eventually trap too much moisture in your laminate over time. Using special materials will allow you to clean your floors more frequently to have it constantly look in mint condition. There are certain types of oils or soaps that are made especially for wood and laminate floors that you can purchase at your local store.


Aside from using damp mops to clean your home or commercial property floors, you should consider sweeping your floors as often as possible. This is to ensure that dust balls, spider webs, dirt and debris that come from the outdoors do not sit on your floors where you cannot see them. Going into each corner of your room and sweeping out the particles on your floor will ensure that they will be as dirt free as possible!


It is very easy and simple to keep your laminate floors maintained. To see all of the types of laminate our company at Academy Floor offers, check out our website, or call us for any questions you may have!