There is so much beauty that meets the eye.. And one beauty in particular is engineered wood floors! These extremely popular flooring styles have been popular and trending over the past several years. Want to find out why these beautiful hardwood floors are trending? Keep reading our blog post to find out more!

The Benefits Of Engineered Wood

The first great thing about engineered wood is that it is actually real wood. Other types of wood floors may or may not be real- it all depends on the materials used. This makes it look more unique and innovated, over other flooring types, as it’s layers show through and attentive detail. It is made up of multiple layers that bring out a look in your home like you have never seen before.

Aside from it’s real wood qualities, engineered wood is very stable and sturdy. This allows for it to last many years in your home while preserving the shine and the newness of your floors. It has real qualities that give your home a much more comfortable feeling than some other materials would. Feeling cozy in your home is something very important to obtain, and will benefit you for many years to come.

Engineered wood is simple to maintain. Keeping your floors clean by sweeping them on a daily or weekly basis will have it free of dust bunnies, dirt, and debris that may come in from the outdoors. Every so often we also suggest taking a damp mop and going over your floors several times for an even more outstanding shine. You can also vacuum each section of your floors to ensure that they are completely clean.

Lastly, engineered wood floors are great for the resale value of your home. Because they are trending and most desired by many, having these floors can already give you a better return on investment. These floors are well worth it, because in the long run you will not be losing any money on them! Shop our wide selection of floors, and flooring products on our website!