Hardwood floors enhance a property’s look and adds major attentive detail. Regardless of the colors and styles you pick, wood floors also give a property a more comfortable and homey feel. Although these floors last for many years after installed, there comes a point where they may start to deteriorate internally. Many homeowners struggle to figure out whether they need a floor replacement, and are unsure of the warning signs. This blog post will help you determine if your hardwood floors are still in good shape, or if they need some TLC.

The Warning Signs

The first way to detect if you need a replacement is if your floors are cracking and/or peeling all over. Since hardwood floors are extremely durable and reliable, this should not be happening, especially in the first 5 years of your installation. There could be several different reasons that this is happening to your floors. For one, you could potentially have some water damage on the interior of your floors that has built up. Trapped moisture can result in the peeling or cracking of wood over time. It also could be from a poorly installed flooring project in the past, with cheap flooring materials that did not hold together strongly.

The second way to detect poor floors is if they feel soft and/or bouncy-feeling. This is probably the most common way to tell if you need a flooring replacement. Moisture makes up a big part of this, unfortunately, and can start to rot your floors over the years. This can result in them not feeling as durable as they should, plus they can be bouncy.

The third way to tell is if your floors creak/squeak when you step on them. This can actually be quite common when you have wood floors over time. But, we do understand that the noise can be frustrating and/or annoying when you hear it all the time. This can happen due to uneven subflooring or loose subfloors, temperature and seasonal changes, joists, and more.

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