Since most homes and commercial properties in Southern California all pertain hardwood floors, you should consider getting on the bandwagon if you had not already. Hardwood floor installations have numerous benefits, more importantly being energy efficiency. Nowadays, it is important to build properties that are susceptible to energy efficient solutions, in order to preserve our future. Academy Floor has a wide variety of hardwood floor species to select from for your next project, and we will share with you how they help to save energy!

Saving Energy

The great thing about hardwood floors is that it does not trap heat within your property. These special floors allows for the proper circulation of heat to flow naturally and accordingly throughout, resulting in more comfortable air temperatures. With good circulation from your wood floors, this will let your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) system relax and not need to work as hard to produce more air. It also lets individuals feel the air flow much quicker than if you were to have other types of floors such as carpets.

You can add insulation in your floors to maximize energy efficiency. Depending on the season transitions, your property should always feel comfortable inside when you have insulation. For example, in the scorching hot summer heat, the insulation in your wood floors should help to keep out unwanted air heat from getting in. This can leave family members very uncomfortable and relying on your HVAC system for help (resulting in wasting more money per year). If it is a cold winter season, you want to keep your house warm- and insulation can do this naturally by blocking out the cold air from outside.

Wood floors are also better for your health, over carpet floors. Carpet traps dust balls, hair, and dirt within its surfaces without you being able to see it. Wood does not trap any dust, in fact you can see it clearly so you will always know when it is time to clean up your floors!

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