Timber Mate Wood Filler - Walnut

Timber Mate Wood Filler - Walnut

  • Model: QT. WALNUT
  • Manufactured by: Timber Mate

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Timber Mate Walnut Wood Filler

Timbermate comes in 21 wood tones, including Walnut. Timbermate firmly holds nails, screws, planing, sawing, drilling, and routing. Timbermate absorbs stains so well, you won't believe it's not the real wood and it's also impervious to climate shifts throughout the seasons, making it the number one choice of contractors and hardwood owners.

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Available Wood Filler Sizes:

Bucket Size: 4 Lbs. (1 Qt.) 16 Lbs. (1 Gal.)

Timber Mate Walnut Wood Filler Features & Benefits

Easy Preparation: With Timbermate, just stir, add water if needed, and you're ready to begin.
Multiple Uses: Timbermate is versatile and may be used for all interior repairs, including repairing edges, trowel and grain filling, and spot patching.
Fast Drying: Because Timbermate is water-based it takes no time at all to dry. In fact, you can speed up the drying process using a heat gun or an everyday hair dryer.
No Waste: There's no waste when using Timbermate. When you're done with your repair, just scoop up any leftover dust/filler and put it back in the Timbermate bucket. When the leftover dusk hardens, you can soften it by adding water.
Doesn't Harm Wood: Timbermate protects wood; it doesn't harm it. You can rest assured that Timbermate won't destroy the grain of your wood.
Takes Any Known Finish Coat: Timbermate accepts many finishes including waxes, oils, water-based, and moisture-cure.
Strong, Reliable, and Dependable: Timbermate doesn't just look like wood'it acts like wood, too. You can drill, nail, and even saw through it.
Freeze-Thaw stable: If Timbermate freezes, just add hot water or put in a Microwave for 30 seconds at a time until it softens. You can leave Timbermate on your truck.


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